We all know the how important a role parents play in the upbringing of their child. Every parent is different and have their own parenting style. Did you know that, as a parent, your parenting style can affect the intellectual, emotional and social intelligence of your child. Your awareness towards your child’s feelings and how your ability to soothe, empathise and guide them at the right moment shall determine their success in all walks of life and relationships.

Here are few common parenting styles and how they can affect the emotional growth of your children. So which one is your style?

Ignorant to Feelings:

These parents expect their children to obey what is told to them without any questions. Such parents are more status oriented. They are demanding and directive, but not responsive to the child’s reactions. They consider their child’s feelings as unimportant.

What is your Parenting Style? 1

Laissez Faire:

Such parents freely accept the emotional expression of their child. They offer little guidance on the child’s behavior. They are not in a position to help them to solve their problems. This results in difficulty for the child to regulate their emotions.


Disrespectful of feelings:

Such parents do not at all consider the importance of child’s emotions. For them emotions are a waste of life. They are more practical & target oriented. As a result, the child grows with the feeling that emotions are invalid and inappropriate.

Emotional Coach:

As a coach, the parent takes the child’s emotions seriously and tries to understand what is upsetting them. They value the emotions and consider negative emotions as opportunity for intimacy. These children are high in their self-esteem, can very well regulate their emotions and control and solve their problems all alone.

There are hundreds of studies showing that how parents treat their children- whether with harsh discipline or with empathetic understanding, has deep and lasting consequences for the development of the child’s emotional life.


We understand parenting is a very difficult task but we need to focus on the emotional and social development of our children. We send our kids to school for their intellectual development. Similarly, we need to indulge our kids in activities which help promote their emotional and social development. Understanding non-verbal communication using body language can help you bond with your child better and understand their development levels.