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1:1 Coaching Sessions

Now children have access to body language specialists from our team on a one on one basis! Explore our personal coaching courses module where a coach from our team would be curating content according to the personality of your child and providing inputs through 10 exciting activity filled sessions.

Highly engaging

Even when the coach is working with a single child, our objective is to make learning fun, engaging, interactive and stress free. The child will be immersed in the module through activities picked according to the child’s personality

Curated Content

Since these are personal sessions, the coach spends a lot of effort on designing content and activities which would interest the child, and bring out the best in their personality. Notes specially prepared for your child will be shared post every session.

Detailed Inputs

The track record of the child’s progress is maintained by the coach. A detailed analysis would be given to both the child parents on a regular basis so that they can understand improvements achieved through our program.

Our Course Themes​

Below are details about our personal coaching courses themes. Browse each of them to understand the objective behind the course, what skills your child will gain, and also the lesson plan for each course.

YouTube Superstar

Become a Youtube Superstar

Course Overview

Own the Stage​

Course Overview

What School say


My child thoroughly enjoyed the Public Speaking Camp like a dream come true. She really liked the role playing activities. She was able to understand everything that was done in the camp. Value addition session. She can now write and narrate a story with confidence.

- Aashana Kapoor, Mother of Alecia

We felt the kids enjoyed the camps. The very fact that they looked forward to attending it says a lot.We can assess better when they prepare for an event. They did come home n give us a demo of what they learnt at the camp. They prepared for all the activities on their own.

- Pramila Vijay Kumar

Own The Stage by Cue Kids was a very well made course, and I learned a lot of tactics which have helped me develop better public speaking skills and more confident body language. The coach helped me at each and every step by breaking down the body language and speaking skills used by famous public speakers, while giving his own personal tips. I was guided on my mistakes and taught specific tips for correction. I definitely recommend this course to all kids and teenagers who are interested!

- Advait

I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to Cuekids for conducting the unique parent child workshop ‘If Children were Parents’.
In this activity-based workshop the participants were made to understand the emotions and importance of Family, and how body language and daily communication helps us understand each other better and enhance the mental health of children. The participants enjoyed the playing the Parent child games.
All in all it was an extremely interactive session of role reversing very well taken by CueKids
We definitely look forward to having a longer version of the same soon.

- Vibha Bhatt, Pro Activity Club Coordinator


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