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Parent-Child Bonding

As parents, we generally use a lot of different ways of connecting with and bonding well with our children. Do you want to know how you can use simple body language tips to make your family ties stronger? Our parent child bonding sessions are fun filled sessions for families to attend together, so that you can explore essential ways of staying happier and more emotionally balanced.


Our sessions are fun filled and involve every participant into the activities so that learnings are at personal level

Universal Takeaways

We keep our tips and strategies applicable in all cultures, and this has helped us grow internationally

In house model

Our technique of implementing body language strategies are derived from the CUE CONNECT model designed by our in house expert team

Our Sessions

Children Emotional Vocabulary
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Emotional Intelligence for Families

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Listening Actively | Parent Child Bonding Session
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What People say


My child thoroughly enjoyed the Public Speaking Camp like a dream come true. She really liked the role playing activities. She was able to understand everything that was done in the camp. Value addition session. She can now write and narrate a story with confidence.

- Aashana Kapoor, Mother of Alecia

We felt the kids enjoyed the camps. The very fact that they looked forward to attending it says a lot.We can assess better when they prepare for an event. They did come home n give us a demo of what they learnt at the camp. They prepared for all the activities on their own.

- Pramila Vijay Kumar

Own The Stage by Cue Kids was a very well made course, and I learned a lot of tactics which have helped me develop better public speaking skills and more confident body language. The coach helped me at each and every step by breaking down the body language and speaking skills used by famous public speakers, while giving his own personal tips. I was guided on my mistakes and taught specific tips for correction. I definitely recommend this course to all kids and teenagers who are interested!

- Advait


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