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Program Objective

CueKids presents a unique full year program for young children to sharpen their crucial life skills and build their overall personality through highly engaging fun filled modules. Our modules are designed to make learning easy and stress free for kids so that they are encouraged to participate. Parents will be able to witness a gradual but sure change in the confidence, emotional stability, social skills, adaptability and critical thinking skills of their kids.

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Our unique program will help your child to:

Skill Building Program - Online Courses 1

Build crucial life skills to sharpen their personality

Skill Building Program - Online Courses 2

Shine out from the crowd with natural confidence

Skill Building Program - Online Courses 3

Manage their emotions and excel in their performance

Skill Building Program - Online Courses 4

Strike conversations with all people in all situations

Skills Development

Here are some of the skills that your child will gain through this interactive fun filled online program by CueKids

Skill Building Program - Online Courses 5


Skill Building Program - Online Courses 6

Communication Skills

Skill Building Program - Online Courses 7

Building Content

Skill Building Program - Online Courses 8

Body Language

Skill Building Program - Online Courses 9

Emotional Intelligence

Skill Building Program - Online Courses 10

Social Skills

Skill Building Program - Online Courses 11

Cultural Adaptability

Skill Building Program - Online Courses 12

Observation Skills


Skill Building Program - Online Courses 13


Module One introduces concepts that can help a shy child open up to the concept of speaking in front of a crowd of people. Not only that, kids who love to public speaking would be learning different techniques to add style to their delivery using content and body language. We take up strategies like great starts to speeches, being creative, establishing authority, debate styles, use of humour to name a few.

Skill Building Program - Online Courses 14


Module Two is all about managing emotions and living stress free. Children will be learning how being able to identify, express and observe emotions can help them mingle better with friends and family, be more focused and hence perform better in all walks of life. This module will teach them about different ways we express emotions, body language, emotional vocabulary, secondary emotions, preventing burn out etc.

The Cultural Navigator course


Module Three addresses two crucial life skills. We will be using the favourite Detective theme and taking up through quizzes and puzzle solving to showcase how to use all senses to our advantage. After that we move on to adapting to different cultures. This prepares kids to travel smarter, be more tolerable to people from other backgrounds and settle more easily when they move to different places, be it for recreation or further studies.

Skill Building Program - Online Courses 15


Module Four focuses on developing core social skills of your child. Right from mingling better, to overcoming shyness, adapting different conversation techniques, we take up various social skills through the most loved activity of all children – role plays. By exploring different professions, children will learn how to use techniques that professionals use in order for them to socialise better with friends, families and strangers.

Skill Building Program - Online Courses 16


Module Five prepares the children for a world of tomorrow – where learning and expressing is becoming digital. We take up different practical strategies through which your child can have more presence in front of the camera – be it for their online classes, or for creating their unique video content. They will learn techniques to create script as well as come across as enigmatic and enthusiastic, no matter what content they wish to deliver.

Program Schedule

Module One

11 Weeks
22 Sessions

Module Two

11 Weeks
22 Sessions

Module Three

12 Weeks
24 Sessions

Module Four

10 Weeks
20 Sessions

Module Five

8 Weeks
16 Sessions

Bonus Module

1 Session

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Single Module

299per class
  • 10/12 classes
  • 40 minute per session
  • 6 kids per group

Full Program

225per class
  • One year program
  • 40 minute per session
  • 6 kids

My child thoroughly enjoyed the course like a dream come true. She really liked the role playing activities. She was able to understand everything that was done in the camp. Value addition session. She can now write and narrate a story with confidence.

- Aashana Kapoor, Mother of Alecia

I enrolled my daughter for CueKids Course as she was shy. The course helped her build courage to face the audience. After the course, she is able to talk more confidently in routine conversations also. We are definitely looking for more such courses by CueKids.

- Rohan Kulkarni Surabhi's Father

I enrolled my children in the course as I want their public appearance and confidence level to be high. My daughter is very naturally inclined with public dealing and speaking but my son is a little bit shy. In level 1 I saw some improvements. I am extending their enrolment to Level 2 to improve their practice.

- Hossain Reja

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About CueKids

Equipping Kids to become Leaders of tomorrow with Nonverbal Communication

Since 2019, we specialise in building nonverbal communication focused programs for children in order to sharpen their life skills. CueKids has been featured as one of the top 21 Great Small Companies to watch out for in 2021. We are an initiative by Simply Body Talk an organisation that has built a name internationally in the space of nonverbal communication and has worked with well known companies like Deloitte, Capgemini, Panasonic, Fujifilm, Adani, Essar and so on. All our courses are designed by our experts in body language and are experienced psychologists who have spent years working with kids from across the globe.