Social Skills Module


Module Objective

If you wish your child to learn more about social skills, to become naturally more open and confident in conversing with people around them, overcome their shyness, and explore different techniques of striking conversations, then this is just the modul for them! Through highly interactive fun filled activities we aim to equip kids with social skills that will help them stand out from the crowd. This module has an interesting format – we will be taking up different professions that kids find exciting and unraveling what works best for these professions, and how children can use the same skills in their daily lives.

This module will help your child to:

Trying out role plays of different professionals is almost any growing child’s favorite game. The complexity of the game changes as they grow up, but beneath that role-play is a fundamental lesson that they learn – how to interact socially with others in different setups. In this, be future ready course, We help children dig this concept deeper and learn the essential social skills that will give them an edge over others as they grow up.

Skills Development

Here are some of the skills that your child will gain through this interactive fun filled online module. 

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Course Be Future Ready 8

Conversation Techniques 


social skills


We want kids to be naturally social, confident and never feel stranger anxiety! This is the central focus of our level one course on social skills. Through simple to follow activities, kids as young as 6 can learn to play a key role in social groups while having their own identity, initiate, participate and lead conversations, learn about concepts like co-operation and so on.
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This level raises children’s awareness to intelligence as they slowly graduate into situations that are not so pleasant, can be difficult to tackle, can be stressful etc. They learn how to apply different techniques of being socially adept. This they learn using elaborate role plays, borrowed from people in different interesting professions who are good at these skillsets.

Level One Course Outlines

Day 1-4

Strategies for Being Cheerful

Day 5-8

Different ways in which
to show your
helpful side

Day 9-12

How to multitask on job using communication strategies

Day 13-16

Ways of projecting authority without being rude

Day 17-18

Tackling difficult situations with good communication style

Day 19-20

Discussion of the Course Project and
final Wrap Up

Course Be Future Ready 10

The whole course was very interactive and the back end team was also very responsive. Only company in India which was so professional and communication was easy. The quality of the content was maintained throughout the course. The camps were fun filled yet it always had a learning edge. My child got personal attention which I really appreciated.

-Shweta Srivastava

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