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Are you someone passionate to work with kids and also enjoys the flexibility of working at your own time and convenience? Then we are looking to explore exciting opportunities with you! CueKids is rapidly expanding across India and different countries, and we are seeking individuals or companies that wish to work with kids in the field of education! If you are keen to explore how our model works, we can arrange a free consult

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What is required to join as a Franchise Owner?

  • Background in education or psychology
  • Willingness to learn and invest in new concepts
  • Passion for working with kids
  • Good communication skills
  • Independent working station or computer
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Here are answers to typical questions we get for enrolling as Franchise owner

How does the Franchise model work

As a Franchise owner, you will represent CueKids and conduct our skill building programs for kids and bonding session for parents at time and dates convenient for you. These sessions can be conducted in online as well as offline formats. Proper guidance and training will be provided by us.

Who can join as a Franchise Owner

If you have a passion to work with kids and have a background in teaching, communication or psychology, you are most welcome to explore! We have some assessment steps that we will be conducting to understand whether you and we are a good fit for each other before finalising.

Will training be provided to franchise partners

Yes, thorough training will be provided so that the teacher can conduct all of our courses independently. Detailed notes, videos and references will also be shared. Time to time refresher courses will be organised by us.

What support will I receive from CueKids

The core team at CueKids would be providing you with support by constantly updating content, sending out assignment worksheets, online videos and marketing creatives as required. If you need assistance in speaking with parents, solving doubts, etc. we will be there every step of the way to guide you.

Can I avail a single course certification?

Yes! If you like, you can get certification for conducting any single course with us first, see your experience and then take it forward. Whether you enrol for a single course certification or the entire CueKids content, the support you will receive from our end will remain the same.

What if I am good at teaching but not marketing?

We understand if you are passionate about teaching but need some assistance with reaching out to parents, educating them about our content and getting students to enrol. We have a team of associate partners to help with marketing. We can also tutor you on how to market by yourself.

Our Core Values

Know a little about our company culture and our strengths, which has helped us propel our growth forward over the last couple of years.

  • People Over Profits

  • Focus on Quality Training

  • Continuously plan ahead

  • Provide support at all times

  • Open work environment

  • Always Be Available

  • Work with you

  • Be The Best

  • Transparent Financials

  • Always an Honest Answer

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