Have you ever experienced nervousness while performing in front of the whole class? Or have you ever felt scared to be the center of attention in the class? If yes then you have experienced something which is called stage fear or stage fright. This is very commonly experienced by everyone be it a child or an adult when are to face a situation which involves being in front of a large number of audiences

Here are some examples to show how we can handle our stage fear.

1 Priya was very scared as she had to perform in front of the whole class next week

 -She practiced her dance routine thoroughly to be more confident.

2 Jack noticed his heart beating faster as soon as he stepped onto the podium to deliver his speech. –He tried to avoid direct eye contact with the audience and started looking at the back of the room. This helped him focus more on his speech.

3 Sheena noticed that her hands turned sweaty out of nervousness an hour before her performance -Before performing in front of the live audience she performed in front of her toys and pillows. This boosted her confidence and made her more optimistic about her performance.

4 Harshad kept forgetting his speech even after practicing it thoroughly.

 -He started breathing deeply and practiced some breathing exercises. This helped him to calm down and he was able to concentrate more on his speech.