Olivia was a cute little girl who loved being around people and she loved making friends. Buying new things made her feel content. One fine day she noticed that many of her classmates in school had these new pencils with a fancy rubber top on it. But she felt bad that she didn’t have one. When she reached home from school, she started persuading her mother to buy one. Her mother rejected her demand and reminded her that it was just yesterday that they bought a new pencil for her but she was stubborn she said, “yes but I don’t have what everyone at school has.” Her mother still disagreed and promised her to get a new pencil when she finishes this one. Olivia got upset and realised no more persuasion can work for her  and instead she thought of a plan. The next day when she went to the school she deliberately lost her pencil and came home. She told her mother that she accidently lost the pencil and she was very sorry for it. The mother got angry and asked her how she could be so careless and lose a new pencil. She in a very apologetic tone said, “Mother I am very sorry I promise to be more careful next time now please can we buy a new pencil I promise to take utmost care of it.” Olivia’s mother realised that she had done all of it for the new pencil and she came up with a plan and agreed to buy a new pencil. 

Later in the evening they went to the market and bought that fancy pencil with a colourful rubber top on it. Before buying the pencil, the mother took a promise that if Olivia lost this pencil before finishing it then she would have to go to the school every day without a pencil. Olivia readily agreed and she happily bought this new pencil and completed her homework with it. The next day when she got up, she was very excited to show her pencil to everyone. She got ready for her school and reached the breakfast table before time. 

As soon as she reached school, Olivia gathered her friends and told them about the new pencil. They all were very eager to see it but as soon as she opened her bag, to Olivia’s surprise, the pencil was nowhere.

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