Membership Plans

About Eclass

Eclass is full of different types of activities for young learners! Quizzes, stories, fun facts, video activities, worksheets, there is something for your child, no matter what be their preferred mode of learning. Designed by a team of specialists in nonverbal communication and psychology, you can be rest assured that the content is relevant and age appropriate.

Learn at your pace

Don't want to enrol for group courses or any other course to learn life skills?This platform allows you to access materials to learn when you want, however much you want.

Various ways of learning

Whether you like to learn through videos, reading, sharing, puzzles, worksheets, we have something for each of you. All explained in simple to follow English.

Share with community

Learning can be fun with friends! Now you get a chance to share your activities and worksheets with each other through our Activity Wall. Closely guided by your teachers.

Feedback from teacher

Isn't that awesome? You can stay connected with teachers by sending in your work to them, even if you are doing it at home by yourself, and get inputs on how you did and what you can improve.

Choose the perfect plan


99 0 / month
  • One year Access
  • Fun Corner Access
  • 20% Meet Up Discount
  • Activity Digi-Box / month
  • Free Meet Up passes Anually
  • Feedback of Teacher
  • 24/7 support


499 199 / month
  • Yearly subscription ₹1999/-
  • Fun Corner Access
  • 50% Meet Up Discount
  • 3 Activity Digi-Box / month
  • 3 Free Meet Up passes Anually
  • Feedback of Teacher
  • 24/7 support


Know about the membership plans

We have different levels of members available. For the basic free membership, all you need to do is create a login and you can access material right away. For other memberships available, the details are mentioned in the table below.

Currently we are working with Paypal as the mode of payment. If you don’t have a Paypal account, you can use your debit or credit card or netbanking to make payment. For any other mode of payment, do reach us over the chat window or + 91 7045540534 and we will help you out.

The greatest benefit you as a young learner get is a safe learning place to learn with fun! Depending on the level of membership, there are various events and free passes that are available. They are mentioned in the table above. Your parents can know more by speaking with us.

You are most welcome to avail our free membership! If you would like to also take a look at the material available in paid memberships, don’t hesitate to reach us over the Chat window.

This will be a package of two different types of activities that you can do following the instructions given with each activity. These can be purchased one time and available free on a monthly basis depending on which membership is purchased

Every month we have awesome events that you can attend when you want to. With membership, you get to choose which events you want to attend absolutely free of cost! You can check the calendar of events lined up to make your choice.

For those kids who like the idea of participating in online theme based one hour one time events, we have planned something unique every month. Discounts to these meet-ups are available depending on the membership purchased.

Membership on this platform gives access to activities available in the do-it-at-your-pace format. Feedback from our trainers for these activities is available. Our group courses can be purchased separately on this platform.