Melody a 12-year-old girl, had a mesmerising voice, well suited to her name. She participated in various singing competitions. Her parents were always there to encourage and support her during her competitions.

These days, Melody was very excited as her mother was expecting and the thought of the new expected baby made her very happy and excited. She and her father took great care of her mother and soon 9 months passed happily and joyfully. They named the new baby Joseph. He was loved and cared by all and initially Melody enjoyed this. In fact she herself gave all her attention and time to Joseph but as a few months passed, Melody started to feel neglected. Previously, her parents never missed her competitions but they were unable to attend her last two performances. Melody felt very bad, her parents tried to make her understand how sad and unhappy they were that they missed her performance but they urgently had to take Joseph to the hospital. With time, Melody’s feelings grew more intense. Her mother tried very hard to make her understand that Joseph was still very small and required a certain amount of care and attention that she too required when she was this small. But Melody refused to understand anything.

One fine day, mother told Melody that she would have to take care of Joseph for half an hour as mother needed to urgently go out and she could not take Joseph with her.

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