What is self-esteem?

In psychology, the term self-esteem is used to describe a person’s overall subjective sense of personal worth or value. In other words, self-esteem may be defined as how much you appreciate and like yourself regardless of the circumstances. Your self-esteem is defined by many factors including Self-confidence, feeling of security, identity, sense of belonging, feeling of competence. Read more about boosting your self-esteem and your Child’s self-esteem.

What will happen in the event?

In this one-hour session, we will be doing lots of activities so that you and your children can bond with each other and explore how boosting your self-esteem can help your family become stronger. You will also discover how each of you can improve your social skills. Since this session will be activity-based, both you and your child will be getting a chance to participate in these activities. As always, the unique way in which CueKids approaches this concept would be by analyzing body language and teaching you how to do the same in easy-to-follow simple steps.

What are the takeaways of the session?

While the biggest takeaway would be the bond you make with your child, the artworks and assignments will also be your treasure. We assure you that! Apart from that the experience of how rewarding it is to spend quality time with your family and children would be unparalleled.

Why Self-Esteem Is Important?

Self-esteem impacts your decision-making process, your relationships, your emotional health, and your overall well-being. It also influences motivation, as people with a healthy, positive view of themselves understand their potential and may feel inspired to take on new challenges.

How do people with healthy self-esteem look?
  • They have a firm understanding of their skills.
  • They are able to maintain healthy relationships with others because they have a healthy relationship with themselves.
  • They have realistic and appropriate expectations of themselves and their abilities.
  • They understand their needs and are able to express them.