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CueKids was initiated by us at Simply Body Talk, a company specialising in the niche area of nonverbal communication since 2013. Looking up the latest research and competitor offerings showed our content team something startling about kids and nonverbal behavior.

So many misconceptions are afloat when it comes to kids’ people skills. For example, search for emotions and kids and you will find tons of companies offering to teach kids how to understand emotions by reading faces. This is not the right approach. The fact is, kids are born with an ability to read the basic emotions on faces. If one wants to encourage kids to be good at human interactions, it has to be better than this. Which is why at CueKids we take a holistic approach of teaching kids to focus on the entire body language rather than just facial expressions. This helps them understand other people better and improve their own communication skills. For various different type of interactions that kids would be doing as they grow up like speaking in front of an audience, connecting well with parents and friends, choosing the right career, making sense of the world around them etc.

Through the years, at Simply Body Talk, when we have worked with some of the best companies’ senior leaders, our attempt has been to teach an approach rather than leave the audience with a few takeaways. This helps them imbibe a learning for long term benefit. Our method for connecting with kids and imparting useful lessons stays the same, only here it would be only through fun activities and games that they can relate to, and yet challenge their minds.

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Khyati Bhatt, Founder, CueKids

Khyati Bhatt is the Founder of CueKids, a company she started to explore how kids can benefit from the right knowledge of body language. She has trained for mastery in nonverbal communication with retired FBI special agent Joe Navarro. Khyati conducts all parenting sessions for CueKids.

Khyati has pursued her passion for the subject of nonverbal communication since 2013 when she started her first company Simply Body Talk for senior leaders, also focusing on this subject. Khyati has received national and international recognitions for her domain specialisation and leadership including International BIZZ Business Excellence 2018 by World Confederation of Businesses, Houston, US, and Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 by District Magistrate SW Delhi and WE family. She also received Rising Star India 2017 by WeAreTheCity powered by Barclays UK. Her thoughts on the subject of nonverbal communication are often quoted by leading media houses like TOI, Economic Times, Dainik Bhaskar, The Week etc.

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Meet our team of highly passionate members working hard to keep your experience with us amazing every time!

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Devanshi Kanani

Skills Trainer

With a Masters’s in clinical psychology and prior experience of working with children, Nafisa facilitates our corporate sessions for parents and kids, conducts our international courses, and participates in designing new courses. Nafisa is a foodie by heart and a Bollywood film lover.
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Neel Kothari

Marketing Executive

Neel specialises in digital marketing and has a strong affinity for numbers.  He coordinates with parents and our associate partners across the globe. Neel also handles all our marketing initiatives for group courses. 
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Grishma Shah

Skills Trainer

With previous experience of being a school teacher and having a comprehensive certification in soft skills and image consulting, Grishma is our skills trainer for online courses and also leads our initiative for our App for kids. Grishma has a hobby of analysing signatures and enjoys watching thriller movies.
Meenu kapoor

Meenu Kapoor

Associate Partner, Europe

Meenu has been a corporate trainer before joining us as an associate skills trainer. She enjoys working with children and takes up our group courses online and in person.
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Shraddha Shapariya

Associate Partner, US

With background in academia, Shraddha has been working with children for some time now. She believes emotional well being should be a priority and takes up group courses for kids in US.


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