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By focusing on nonverbal communication

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Our Offerings are available internationally

We specialise in nonverbal communication, our services and offerings are available in online format accessible from all parts of the globe. Our content material is updated to make it culture agnostic so that kids from different places can learn together.

Skills Developed

Our courses are all about an experience. While children would be learning essential skills required beyond the traditional schooling, it will mould them into confident individuals with concepts that will stay with them for life.

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Our Story

CueKids was born with one single objective – how to encourage children to remain the great observers that they naturally are. So that they pick up good people, social and emotional skills by interacting with people around them in a world fast turning technology based. If these skills are encouraged in kids, it would give them a natural advantage when they grow up.

Our Parent Company

Simply Body Talk specialises in nonverbal communication since 2013 through its various services and products. The company has presence in India and Europe. The team has worked with middle and senior level managers at some of the best international companies like Deloitte, Capgemini, Adani, Panasonic, Cipla, Fujifilm, Essar to name a few.

CueKids was able to quickly customise the program to suit my son who is 15 years. Personalised learning really helped my son and he turned into a more aware and confident public speaker. We would definitely go for an advanced course with CueKids and strongly recommend them.

Pankaj Vaishnav, Advait Father

We enrolled Vanya in the Being A Great Detective course. The course was very exciting and engaging. She took the time to get comfortable and later she couldn’t wait for the session to start. She loved the group activities, she was most excited about them. Thank you for this fresh concept.

Kshipra Bhardwaj, Vaanya's mother

I enrolled my daughter in the Public Speaking Course by CueKids as she was shy. The course helped her build the courage to face the audience. After the course, she is able to talk more confidently in routine conversations also. We are definitely looking for more such courses by CueKids.

Rohan Kulkarni, Surbhi's mother

Experience of Emotional Intelligence online module was good and helpful as per kids’ feedback. They say it’s good for their future and even I believe so as I have myself attended a few of your sessions. Favorite Activity during the camp was story-making. Continue the good work.

Seema Gohil, Mother of Dev and Devanshi
My kids enjoyed their time with CueKids!!  The very fact that they looked forward to attending it says a lot. We can assess better when they prepare for an event. They did come home n give us a demo of what they learned at the camp. They prepared for all the activities on their own.
Pramila Advani, Mother of Pranav and Vedant

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